Royal split along colour lines

In my experience, Black people and White working class people tend to love the Royal Family. White liberals tend to hate them (a type of self-hatred perhaps). Where I grew up in the North of England, though, there was a lot of ambivalence due to the Irish influence.

These fault-lines were replicated in our house at the weekend, what with the Royal Wedding, street party and the FA Cup Final. J and her friends – Black and White – got into the spirit of it and joined the street party, even though they hate the snobbish chitchat about house prices and schools that inevitably accompanies such events. I guess the prosecco and cake got them through it. Me, I buggered off for the day to a Labour Party event, massively relieved that I had a right-on excuse for not making an appearance. I then watched the football in a pub, steering well clear of our front room, which I knew wouldn’t escape royalist merriment until later in the evening. By the time I got back in the cool evening air, the bunting was half-hanging from lampposts and the street was quiet.

I’m sure that if the Royals had declared a national holiday and given us all the day off work, I would have been straight out into the road for a free drink. But, as it was, I could safely play my Republican and Irish cards, and pretend that I wasn’t actually fascinated and excited by the Royals’ first Black wedding.

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